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Corvette rear window venting Latch: $30 ea. plus $4 priority USPS shipping.

    When I drove a Vette, I wanted a way to allow the air to flow smoothly out the rear window with out disrupting the function of the hatch lock, dome light switch and alarm system. I developed this one piece latch which works remarkably well. The air turbulence is lower creating a smoother cool air flow through the passenger compartment. The latch is constructed of stainless steel and coated in rubber to prevent any scratching or rattling. When the latch is not being used it is easily stored under the gas fillet lid. This latch is easily installed and uninstalled taking only seconds. You just stick the long arm of the latch thru the hook on the hatch the twist slightly to latch the hooked end of the latch into the hatch hook. The long end of the latch keeps the car's plunger switch depressed which will keep the dome light off and the alarm functional. Simply close the hatch as usual and the latch clamps right into the lower factory clasp. To open it, just hit the power rear hatch opener as usual and twist and remove the latch. This is a wonderful piece and so enjoyable.


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