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In the Beginning ~1997
Chassis Build ~2018
                     Brake lines:
                     Brake Lines:
                     Pinion Mounted Parking Brake:
               Finished Rolling Chassis:
Turbo LSX Install:

Since I am putting a newer LSX engine in the Chevelle, I will be using the newer power steering pump and therefore, there is no need to convert the steering pump lines from metric to standard. I will use a steering box that already has metric connectors so factory lines will hook right up. I wanted to take advantage of the quick steer boxes for an improvement over the original box. I found that the following Jeep Grand Cherokee (JGC) work straight as is.


1992-98 Grand Cherokee Fast Ratio Power Steering Gears
YEAR      ALPHA CODE      ORIGINAL APP.                 GEARRATIO       EFFORT                 T-BAR SIZE          TRAVEL
1992.5-93-94      AL           Jeep Grand Cherokee   12.7:1                    20-26                     0.195 Dia   43deg 45min
1995                       JH           Jeep Grand Cherokee    12.7:1                    20-26                     0.195 Dia   43deg 45min
1996                       KD          Jeep Grand Cherokee    12.7:1                    20-26                     0.195 Dia   43deg 45min
1997-98                WK         Jeep Grand Cherokee    12.7:1                    20-26                     0.195 Dia   43deg 45min

I found a guy locally parting out a 97 JGC with 188k miles on it. These are known as the 3 and a quarter turn boxes.  It had the code WK so I know it was right. You cannot count on parts sellers like AutoZone, O'Reilly's and such to sell you the correct ratio box because they will sell you a box that physically fits but the internals are more time than not, Not the quick ratio. So it is better to find one yourself and verify the code. Or you can buy a rebuilt one from Hector Carrillo, also under CARHEX goto  great guy, great work, and great prices.




    It is real hard to make it out, but it is there circled in red.

    I found information in a post: “I run the truck power steering pump also with the Jeep Grand Cherokee (JGC) steering box,

    I searched quite a bit and found the hoses that fit the nicest for me and they are master power pressure hose 71796 and return hose is master power 80194 trimmed to fit,

    I drive my LSX Chevelle all the time without any issues with this setup.” I have not gotten to this point yet.

    Rag joint: Dorman 31011 Ύ” 17 spline. 32 lb/ft for the rag joint bolt to the steering box splined shaft.


         I just have a hose here to close off the 2 fluid ports until I am ready to hook up the pump.

        If you don’t do this the fluid will spit-up out of the ports when you turn the pitman arm.


    I put new bolts through the frame (7/16” x 4.5” long) reused good original thick washers, tighten 64 lb-ft. 

    I Re-used the Chevelle pitman arm, wire-brushed it, degreased and painted, tighten nut to 180lbs/ft.

Steering linkage:

1970 tie rod assemblies have 5/8” threaded parts, in 1971 and 1972 they made them bigger 11/16” threads, be sure to match up all of your tie-rods and sleeves to the same larger 11/16” size.

I used aluminum tie-rod sleeves, these have left handed threads on one side and right handed threads on the other so that as you turn it, the distance between the tie-rod ends

move out or in. You can actually buy these from Made out of 7075 high strength aluminum that is stronger than steel. Tie rods assembled are about 17-3/4”

on a perfectly aligned front end.

I only use Moog suspension parts because I have had failures with other brands. The following are all Moog numbers:

Center link DS749

Idler Arm K5143

Inner tie-rods ES406L

Outer tie-rods ES406R


It is important to use the inners on the inside and the outers on the outside due to the location of the grease fittings.


I bought a pack of these grease fitting covers to keep the tips clean for clean re-lubing them in the future.


I am leaving the front sway bar and front shocks off right now because I am not sure what the final ride height will be and most likely I will have to remove the springs. Leaving the sway bar and shocks out just save me from removing them. I will be using a 1.25” sway bar with poly bushing mounts. That’s all for the front for now. 





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