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In the Beginning ~1997
Chassis Build ~2018
                     Brake lines:
                     Brake Lines:
                     Pinion Mounted Parking Brake:
               Finished Rolling Chassis:
Turbo LSX Install:

Next I used stock drum brake spindles to convert to 12” rotors.

This may look like a pile of junk, but it is great donor part. Reuse the drum spindles, steering arm, hub and bolts/ hardware.

         I am using 98-02 Camaro front rotors drilled/slot and 2 piston calipers.  The drum hubs need to be turned. Turn them down from 6.2” to less than 5.83” diameter.

While they were in the lathe, I faced off “trued-up” the face that the rotor will press against when the wheels are on.


         I added grease fittings in to be able to push grease through the bearings more easily. Also pressed in long wheel studs 7/16-20x2.875” long with .47 knurls.

 Note: support back side with a tube and hammer in the studs, don’t use a hydraulic press, you will warp the hub! Been there done that.

 I bought these brackets on Ebay from Metaltek Manufacturing “GM A F X BODY CHEVELLE NOVA CAMARO DISC BRAKE SWAP BRACKETS #14001A” for $35.

They are ¼” thick steel. The upper mounting bolt that goes into the spindle is 5/8"-18, 1-1/2" Long found them on McMaster-Carr part number 91286A435 with a lock washer.


Next it is real important that the bracket is mounted parallel to the plane that the rotor spins on. For when you use drum brake spindles it is essential that you put a spacer under the bracket at the lower mounting position. I point out the location in the picture. I used 2 washers 316ss 7/16, .055-.069 thick McMaster-Carr part number 90107A032. If you use disc brake spindles, you do not need these but instead you need a spacer at the top mounting location to insure the bracket is true.

Reused the stock ½” bottom bolts that go through the steering arm.


Install the 2002 Camaro caliper brackets to the fabricated conversion brackets using two grade 8.8, 12mm x 1.75 x 12mm long bolts and lock washers commonly found at a local hardware store.

Next, mount the springs using spring compressors and bolt in the spindles.  Put the bearings and seals in the hub, install on spindles.

 Mount the 2002 Camaro rotors on and put lug nuts and tighten them down to see their position relative to the calipers.

Mount the 2002 Camaro 2 piston calipers with brackets and pads.

The rotor must spin true and free from rubbing the caliper bracket. It must be centered and there is not much room for it to be offset.

Some company sells a spacer to mount under the inner hub bearing to move the hub out.


One option is to put one washer under the bracket as shown in the pic above, at each of the 2 bolts to bring it out center. It may vary on each individual build. Each set-up may vary a little. (316ss 7/16, .055-.069 thick McMaster-Carr part number 90107A032.)


Another option, that I chose, was to add a spacer between the hub and the rotor.

I cut the centers out of a set of old brake drums.


Mount everything up correctly. Install bearings and hub, properly adjust big spindle nut, put spacer on hub, put rotor on and some lug nits facing backwards so that the taper is facing out and the flat part is facing in. This is done so that the taper doesn’t try to force a misalignment between the rotor and the studs since the Camaro rotors used metric lugs, they are not perfectly on the same bolt circle. Tighten down the lug nuts to insure nothing is warped or not squeezed together properly.  Mount the caliper with caliper bracket and brake pads assembly to the new adapter brackets that are already mounted to the spindle.


Tighten the 12mm bolts (it helps to leave off the lock washer until you are at the final install).

Shim as necessary so that the rotor can turn without rubbing the brake pads or the caliper or caliper bracket.

Be sure to use the caliper that positions the brake fluid bleeder valve up.

These clear my wheels.  Year One Wheels Cast Aluminum 5-Spoke Rally Wheel 17" x 8" with 4-1/4" 7” Backspacing Part Number: 219-ZW1784GUN on the front and

special ordered 17 x 9 w/ 5” BS for the rear. Tires: 235/55R17 front, 285/60R17 rear. Tightened lug nuts to 80 lb-ft.





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